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Stephan MathieuStephan Mathieu

Stephan Mathieu is a self taught composer and performer of his own music, working in the fields of electroacoustics and abstract digitala. His sound is largely based on early instruments, environmental sound and obsolete media, which are recorded and transformed by means of experimental microphony, re-editing techniques and software processes involving spectral analysis and convolution; it has been compared to the landscape paintings of Caspar David Friedrich, the work of Colorfield artists Mark Rothko, Barnett Newman and Ellsworth Kelly.

During the last decade Stephan's music has been released on 30 vinyl records and CDs. Apart from refining his solo work, he currently collaborates with Robert Hampson / Main, Tashi Wada, Sylvain Chauveau, Taylor Deupree and David Sylvian in live and studio projects.

Since 1992 Stephan performed live in solo shows and on festivals all over Europe, Scandinavia, North and South America and created various audio installations for galleries and museums, a glass-blowing factory, a 17th century garden, Berlin Mitte, a 19th century steel plant, parks, an arrangement of 30 Peugeots, a late antique throne hall and several other unique sites.

He is a collector of 78rpm records from the 1910s and 20s, the era of acoustic and early electronic audio recording. He loves the way they transport sound.

The Phonoharp

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