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Barbara De DominicisJulia Kent

Both album title and band name, Parallel 41 is a kind of "live" album. Despite the essential available resources, Parallel 41 had the opportunity to record long sessions (completely based on improvisation) in venues they considered to have a sound appeal [and mostly in the open air]. This happened also due to the contribution/support of special persons who were of great help to them, not only in "occupying" "rooms" that welcome them (sometimes even in an unconventional way) but also, in some cases, providing them with their technical expertise [and often much more...] Cello, loop station, voice, pedals, filters, electronics... accidental and non-accidental sounds of contact microphones and hydrophones intercepting the surrounding environment, manipulated and filtered in real time. In other cases sounds have been collected incidentally during their travel (as happened in the session recorded in Naples). Representing a thicker sound carpet. They chose some "fragments" or actually "sections" cut from these sessions: the album tracks. The edition includes a CD + DVD. A little documentary-film by Davide Lonardi, re-tracing (both using archive material and the story of their travel) the imaginary line they drew on the path of the 41st Parallel ideally connecting Naples and New York.

Parallel 41

Julia Kent (CA)

Canadian-born, New York City-based Julia Kent uses multitracked cello, found sounds, and electronics to create solo music that has been described as "cinematic and impressionistic," "organic yet powerful," and "deeply personal and committed." She has released two full-length solo records: "Delay" (2007) and "Green and Grey" (2011), as well as an EP, "Last Day in July" (2010). Her music has been heard in film soundtracks and as accompaniment to theatre and dance performances, and she has toured throughout Europe and North America, including appearances at Primavera Sound in Barcelona, the Donau Festival in Austria, and the MIMI Festival in Marseille.

Barbara De Dominicis (IT)

Barbara De Dominicis, besides using her voice, loves collecting sounds, manipulating them and inventing sound textures. Her projects include The Body_exposed; Poe-Si; Cabaret Noir; Kuul_Ma [an experimental audiovisual project in which organic electronic sounds interact with the changing landscapes of visual artist Davide Lonardi]. In 2009 she published as a soloist Anti-Gone, a concept album which bases its narrative on Greek mythology. In 2008 she began a collaboration with canadian cellist Julia Kent: Parallel41 [a musical/visual/improvisatory project released on french record label Baskaru // June 2012_Cd/Dvd]. Her growing interest in soundscapes leads her to conceive of A tale of two cities: a series of audio-collages designed to portray the similarities and differences of two cities which lie on the same parallel, Naples and New York. Among her current projects Exqusite What [as both curator and creator] a collective inspired by the Surrealist practice of exquisite corpses dedicated to the creation of an audio-visual web platform; La Reverie/La Sogneria [curator/creator]_a multimedia space linked to dreaming in which, one can travel between multiple dreams (in progress). She has recently been invited by GIRRL [girrlsound :digitalgirrl a series of radio podcasts entitled "The Cat Cinderella" with the aim of promoting the dissemination of works by women artists on the brink between net_art, sound art and audio works. With the moniker Apres Soon she is working on a new solo album: a blend of drones and field recordings, electronics, voices and string instruments. Currently working at Quasi.Memory: a sound installation which uses rediscovered private memories. Some audio and visual artists she has recently collaborated with include Leonardo Rosado; Mark Walters aka Savaran; Marco Messina; Mathias Van Eecloo aka Monolyth & Cobalt; Enrico Coniglio; Elio Martusciello, Airchamber 3; Roland Quelven; Andrea Serrapiglio; Ginetta Corelli; Nicolas Bernier; Davide Lonardi; Andrea Ics Ferraris. In 2012 she became a member of AIPS (ITALIAN SOUNDSCAPES ARCHIVE).

Davide Lonardi (IT)

Filmmaker, writer and photographer, Davide Lonardi has worked on different sides of visuality: from graphic artwork/design and videoclip to more abstract forms of video art and photography. As a filmmaker he has produced four documentaries focused on italian contemporarary artists: Claudio Ambrosini (Big Bang Music, 2004), Fabrizio Plessi (the opera to video, 2004), Rabarama (2005), Luigi Del Sal (The Route Fantastic, 2005). In 2009, he released the music video for the single "Disremembering Echo" (by Barbara De Dominicis/Anti-Gone) on air on major italian networks. He is now focused on "film" and to give "images" to his writings. He made his first, self-produced medium-length film "Moto Apparente" and developed various projects related to abandoned spaces. In 2008 he joined Parallel 41 [Julia Kent + Barbara De Dominicis] producing images for their shows and documenting their improvised recording sessions. Baskaru music label will release the docu-film called "Faraway Close" as a part of the upcoming record of Parallel 41 DVD+CD.

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